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More from the 100 Day Project

More from the 100 Day Project
Snowflakes stamped on tissue
Alcohol ink on tissue
Another geli print
And another
And another, gold makes a difference!
Even a little gold!
A gold frame painted on tissue
A gold frame painted around a bee on a magazine cover
A paper towel, painted gold
Water color spots with marker swirls

Something interesting with tape, paint and wax paper

Something interesting with tape, paint and wax paper

I have been painting all kinds of media to use as materials for the 100 day challenge. I found two different rolls of medical tape in our first aid drawer. I placed a piece of each on wax paper so I could peel them off later. I painted each with Ceramcoat Gleams acrylic paint in Fuchsia PRL.

There was already gold metallic acryllic paint on the wax paper. When the tape dried, I carefully pulled it away from the wax paper. It brought the gold paint with it.

Any place on the tape that was sticky could be used to pull more gold paint off the wax paper.

I have got to think about how I can put this to use!

100 Days!

100 Days!

I am participating in the 100 days project on Facebook. During this project, you are challenged to focus on one aspect of your creativity every day for 100 days. I chose the creation of collage pages. This experiment is to see if I can copy and paste the Facebook posts to this blog. Here goes!

the100dayproject2022, Day1, I think my focus will be on paper manipulation. This page is based on momigami, a Japanese folding and oiling technique. I stop short of fully saturating the paper with oil, photograph it (I like the impressionistic look it gives the photo) and then add metallic paint to the creases. This page is from the Oct, 2017 issue of Southern Living Magazine. #100daysofcollagepapers

A farm in Weaverville, NC
Kneaded (Momigami)
Dry brushed with gold using a make-up wedge

Raining Sunshine

Raining Sunshine

This is my entry for the Chip Challenge on the Beady Bunch page. The Beady Bunch is an online beading group I belong to. 

The chips are citrine, the pendant component is brass, and the chain and findings are gold-plated.

I’m getting lots of positive feedback from my beading buddies! Happy Dance!

Polymer and Paint

Polymer and Paint

Today’s experiment:Remember the black butterfly I cast in Sculpey Soufflé polymer back in January?

Its been baked, and today I painted it with Lumiere paints. I used a dry paint technique with angled bristle brushes. I used a liner on the body. 

I had lots of paint leftover, so I brushed some gold on a red piece I had molded, cast, and baked.

The Lumiere paints have lots of shine, so I think I’ll finish these with a satin glaze.



I changed the middle tassel on my gold pendant from mismatched chain to antique gold silk. I think I like it better.I swapped the bead above the center tassel, too.

Before: I also hung it from a gold-plated lantern chain.I might swap the chain for a heavier one, too. Then I’ll price it and list it in my shop.

Going for Gold

Going for Gold

When I spotted this swirling gold focal component in Candie Cooper’s Etsy shop, I knew it’d be great for capturing a Czech glass button.

I auditioned several and decided on this amber swirly one: 

The chain tassels, I had on hand. All are from Michael’s. The middle one had to be removed from a lip shell and is a slightly different shade of faux gold. I may swap it out for a gold silk one before I’m finished.

I am pleased with it, and especially with the back:

The Czech button had a metal shank. I snipped it away with shears and filed it with a diamond file.

I wasn’t particularly pleased with the looks of that, so I hunted one of my tiny brass hummingbird stampings:

A little E6000 and ta-da!

A heavy gold bail and chain, and I might consider this one finished!

The enamel on the hand pressed button, is 24K, by the way!