Monthly Archives: May 2020

So far…

So far…

The virus has not passed. It’s in our area in leaps and bounds. Our county recently ranked #9 of the 10 top hot spots in the country. The primary reason for the increase in Corona viruses in our area is the Tyson chicken processing plant. Workers there stand shoulder to shoulder and have to yell at each other across the processing line to be heard over the machinery.

Some of the workers are bused in from an area where the virus counts were high, and the virus rode the bus in with them. 

Another reason is many of the local folks think this whole pandemic is a hoax, perpetuated by the Democratic Party to undermine the Republican President. Many of the locals refuse to conform to government guidelines to stop the pandemic, especially the wearing of face masks.  

This is simply all I care to report on our current situation. Me and mine remain under quarantine, ordering groceries online and picking them up outside the store. My next post will be about what I’ve been making.