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Kumihimo Lessons

Kumihimo Lessons

red gold KumiFirst of all, I thought these cords would be beautiful together. One is red shot through with a little metallic gold thread. The other is a light gold with just a little sheen.

I was wrong. The light gold looks sand or camel colored in the twist.

Because the red is unevenly woven, the cord is, too.
















I had hoped to make a bracelet out of it, but it looks like it’s fated for a gift tie. kumi bow











On the other hand, these yarns made a beautiful cord.

fuschia Kumi

Here’s what I learned from this one: It’s an 8 strand cord of course, using 4 thick and 4 thin, placed perpendicularly to each other. (+) I began braiding with the thin cords and so they wrapped themselves around the thick ones. I started with 9 feet of each, but quickly used up the thin cords. Next time, the thin cords need to be at least 2 feet longer than the thick.

The resulting cord is beautiful, but all the metal content makes it scratchy. I won’t be using it in jewelry, either.

A New Experiment with Glass Gems

A New Experiment with Glass Gems

I bought tiny rubber stamps (used, on eBay,) and a pad of permanent ink. I stamped these tiny roses on the back of one of my glass gems.

ink on glass 2ink on glass











I was inspired by a rectangular piece I saw on Pinterest. The inspiration piece used alcohol inks, but the accompanying article also mentioned using Stickles glitter glue. I don’t have alcohol inks, (yet,) but I did buy this 3 pack of Stickles on clearance at Michael’s a couple of weeks ago. Since baby blue AND pink are the 2016 colors of the year, I thought it a wise investment. I think I would’ve liked the gem better in all white. It needs some touch up, too.

Ink and glitter on glass

Here’s a link to Pantone:


Easy Earwire Maker?

Easy Earwire Maker?

Do I need an “Easy Earwire Maker?” They are selling them on JTV right now.easy earwire maker
Nope. Too many other bills in January. I added it to my wishlist. I also like the gold and silver plated earwires with the ball end that I’ve been using. Wonder if I could use ball end headpins to make them with this gadget? Hmmmn.









I also want this book:Earrings book It’s already on my wishlist!