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A New Bracelet

A New Bracelet

I’ve not made a bracelet in weeks. I burned myself out making them before Christmas. Today, I finished one I’ve been carrying around for days. I’d planned to finish it before Valentine’s Day because it has one of my heart-shaped handmade polymer clay buttons. (Someday, I hope to make my buttons out of precious metal clay.)

The leather is lavender and the beads are Aurora Borealis coated gray agate. This is my favorite combination of beads and leather. Day 25, #the100dayproject2024, #fixandfinish



That’s what it’s called when you cut or tear out images from a magazine, print catalog or printed packaging.

Fussy cutting is what it’s called when you cut out the fine detail from a printed image.

The resulting images are called fussy cuts.

When you glue a bunch of images in a book, collage style, its called a glue book. I’ve been saving little real estate booklets to make my future glue books.

If you harvest your junk mail and use those images and fussy cuts in a glue book that also has room to write, you’ve made a junk journal.

The best job of harvesting I’ve done (though I did a great job of gutting that vanilla wafers box, above) was a Little Debbie’s snack cake box.

I’ve used pieces of it on a Christmas journal, front and back.

I have some beautiful pages printed, along with some family photos. I want my journals to be photo journals, like mini handmade scrapbooks. When I finish this one, I’ll share it here.

Today, I finished harvesting a 2021 Fresh Finds Catalog.

There are only a few pages left intact. I wish they were still publishing this catalog, because it was chock full of Christmas images.

This is from where the candy cane box, pictured above, came. Day 24, #the100dayproject2024, #fixand finish

The next couple days

The next couple days

The only thing I fixed was pasta and sauce. Vivi was home sick from school, maybe from all the Valentine’s sweets. Oh, and I fixed her some hot tea, too.

Day 15, #the100dayproject2024, #fixandfinish.

Viv was better the next day, so I headed home for a couple of days. I stopped at Cracker Barrel and found this, on sale!

My sister-law, Pam, loves peacocks and has a new studio at her house, with windows! I took a detour and headed straight for it. I gave her the glass panel, we had a great visit, and I finished my trip home. Day 16, #the100dayproject2024, #fixandfinish.

Back to Valentine’s Day

Back to Valentine’s Day

Day 14, #the100dayproject, #fixand finish. I had plenty to do on Valentine’s Day! I finished this necklace for my daughter.

All it needed was a chain and findings. The stone heart is rose quartz. I bought it at Cherry Tree Beads in Swannanoa, NC. See how the red paper heart hides the logo on the JTV gift box?

I fixed a hammered copper heart I made this Sept. at the JTV Workshop in Knoxville. I just swapped the silver chain they gave us for a copper one. When I torched the heart, it formed a hot pink streak, which is hard to see in this photo.

(I like the torch firing!)

I’d bought Vivi a candle from Natural Life that said, “You are So Loved,”

but I didn’t have the right size gift bag. Then I remembered a white bag a neighbor’s little girl had used to deliver us some Christmas cookies. It had red tissue in it, and I had saved it! I recycled it with red paper hearts I had punched and a heart from a box of conversation candies. Perfect fit!

I didn’t forget my grandson, who just wants money.

I sent my hubs stacked boxes of goodies from Wine Country Gift Baskets. I can reuse the colorful boxes and the ribbon that held them together!

Vivi didn’t want the carnations she had received at school from friends. She left them in my car. I put them to good use. I got this mug on clearance and was afraid to use it to drink from because it had a flaw. I put it to good use, too!

It was a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Itty Bitty Envelopes

Itty Bitty Envelopes

Before I lost my Facebook account because of a hacker, I had gotten to day 13 of the 100 Day Project. I started again on Valentine’s Day so it would be Day 14 on the 14th.

Today, though, I’m jumping to Day 20, and I’ll catch up on the in-between. My theme this year is #fixandfinish. Tonight, I finished cutting and gluing itty bitty envelopes from the Medici collection of printables by RachandBella Crafts on Etsy. They won’t hold much but they are precious! #the100dayproject2024

The 100 Day Project

The 100 Day Project

This is the third year I have participated in the 100 Day Project. The first year I did collage papers. I used the gel plate to print many of them.

Last year I concentrated on bracelets, beads and buttons. I made gemstone ladder stitch bracelets and sometimes fastened them with polymer clay buttons I made myself.

This year, I have chosen, “fix and finish.”

This is a broken necklace that has been waiting years to be fixed. I’ll be documenting what I fix or finish here moving forward.