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Proud Grandma! 

Proud Grandma! 

On a recent visit to see my grandchildren, I took along some wire, cutters and pliers. Peter James, age nearly nine, made me this “fringe” necklace.

I explained the basic technique, and away he went!

He engineered the closure, too.

The fringe sort of forms a heart!

(The sticker is a reward from my granddaughter for completing a fairy puzzle while she was teaching. I was Pre-K Karla!!)

Polymer and Putty

Polymer and Putty

Today’s experiment:
The blue butterfly above is a carved piece of clam shell from China. I made a mold of it from Amazing Mold Putty (yellow,) and cast it with Sculpey Soufflé in black. 

I’ve used the Soufflé before and thought its extra soft texture would make it easier to fill the mold. I trimmed the excess with scissors and a box cutter. I have not baked it, yet.

Here’s the mold putty: 

Big Decisions, Big Changes

Big Decisions, Big Changes

I love this magazine. I hoped someday Mama’s House would be featured.My mother-in-law passed away unexpectedly on Dec. 22, 2018. My husband had been caring for her almost every day. Now, we are free to move near our grandchildren. 

I still don’t have Mama’s House set up completely as I want it, but I was getting close.  I’ve not gotten to teach in it as much as I planned, either. 

I would’ve liked to have a stained glass studio in the basement in front of glass doors that face south. I also thought about moving my soap station to the back of the basement where there’s a utility sink. I don’t like the idea of glass and soap on the same floor, though. 

I’ve bragged repeatedly about how great it is to use my mom’s glass range top and hood for jewelry making.

 It is not going to be easy to pack up and sell out. Maybe I should keep it and rent it. Then, in 12 years when PJ’s in college and Vivi’s driving, I could move back and give it another try. I’ll be 74. I wonder if I’ll be able to see and use my hands to craft. 

Decisions, decisions.