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Try, Try, Again

Try, Try, Again

I recently tried dissolving inks with Citrasolv, a degreasing agent I discovered on You Tube. The artist using the solvent was Froyle Davies, and I have become a big fan of her collage work.

After watching her video. I immediately ordered a small bottle of Citrasolv on Amazon, together with a few empty little spray bottles.

Froyle, along with several other You Tube artists, I learned, dissolves the ink from the pages of National Geographic Magazine. The ink moves and makes bubbly designs.

I didn’t have any Nat Geo’s on hand, so I searched for glossy pages from other publications.

I tried three colorful catalog pages, one from Southern Living and one from glossy South Park Magazine, as well as a local sales circular.

I laid them all out on a plastic trash bag in the garage and gave them a good spritz of Citrasolv. I checked them in 20 minute intervals to see what happened. Basically, they went from wet to dryer to dry. The ink didn’t move.

The Citrasolv did make the garage smell like an orange processing plant!

Horizontal Lines

Horizontal Lines

You need them for journaling. I got this idea for a stamp from Nastasa at Treasure Books.

I was cutting flaps off boxes to cover for storage, (I got lots over Christmas!) and decided to see if I could use Natasa’s idea. I fell the day after Christmas and skinned myself up pretty good. Skinning cardboard was no problem! It didn’t even hurt!