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That’s mine and PJ’s made up word for crazy! And that is what I’ve gone! I am obsessed with finding old cross-stitch patterns I’ve always wanted to stitch, but never had the time.


This is my latest purchase, “At Home with Paula Vaughan, Book Sixty-Eight.”

I have loved her work for years, and you can see, in a recent post, one of her earlier designs I purchased on eBay.
This book was in a rack, along with about 100 others, in the back corner of Michaels on Park Road in Charlotte, NC. I spotted it several months ago, when I was looking for yarn.

I went back yesterday and hunted through two racks before I found it!

It has 29 projects that are all gorgeous, but this one is the one I wanted:
This looks just like my wedding dress from 1984 (Jessica McClintock, remember?) and the sewing machine looks like my granny’s!