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Another Harvest!

Another Harvest!

Tonight, I finished harvesting this 2022 Hammacher Schlemmer Christmas catalog.

The Hammacher Schlemmer is one of the absolute best for harvesting images! The catalog can be requested for free! I got this many images:

I have sorted them by size and shape. One category is words. I store them in different size baggies.

There was something usable on every single page, including the covers.

Back cover

What a great choo choo on the front!

Day 38, #the100dayproject2024, #fixandfinish.



That’s what it’s called when you cut or tear out images from a magazine, print catalog or printed packaging.

Fussy cutting is what it’s called when you cut out the fine detail from a printed image.

The resulting images are called fussy cuts.

When you glue a bunch of images in a book, collage style, its called a glue book. I’ve been saving little real estate booklets to make my future glue books.

If you harvest your junk mail and use those images and fussy cuts in a glue book that also has room to write, you’ve made a junk journal.

The best job of harvesting I’ve done (though I did a great job of gutting that vanilla wafers box, above) was a Little Debbie’s snack cake box.

I’ve used pieces of it on a Christmas journal, front and back.

I have some beautiful pages printed, along with some family photos. I want my journals to be photo journals, like mini handmade scrapbooks. When I finish this one, I’ll share it here.

Today, I finished harvesting a 2021 Fresh Finds Catalog.

There are only a few pages left intact. I wish they were still publishing this catalog, because it was chock full of Christmas images.

This is from where the candy cane box, pictured above, came. Day 24, #the100dayproject2024, #fixand finish