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Ribbon Embroidery on a Photograph

Ribbon Embroidery on a Photograph

I am taking a class on Domestika on embroidering on photographs. I have thought for years of printing photographs on fabric and then embroidering details. I never thought about embroidering on the actual photograph until I found this class.

So, here I go. I didn’t have shades of orange in my ribbon stash, but I did have yellows and 2 shades of orange Sharpies!

I stitched my first flower. Can you tell?

I learned several things:

1. Premium photo paper is tough. Even with pre-punching holes for my stitches, it’s very much like hand sewing leather. (Flashbacks to sewing ribbons on my daughter’s ballet shoes.)

2. This is an inkjet copy. The ink rubs off on your hands AND your ribbon.

3. This technique requires a lot of photo handling. A big border is essential. So is a white cotton glove on your non-dominant hand. It prevents fingerprints. (Due to #2, the glove doesn’t stay white.)

I stitched my glove several times. Better the glove than my finger!
I got quite a bit done, tonight, but it’s hard to see. I think that’s a good thing!

100 Days!

100 Days!

I am participating in the 100 days project on Facebook. During this project, you are challenged to focus on one aspect of your creativity every day for 100 days. I chose the creation of collage pages. This experiment is to see if I can copy and paste the Facebook posts to this blog. Here goes!

the100dayproject2022, Day1, I think my focus will be on paper manipulation. This page is based on momigami, a Japanese folding and oiling technique. I stop short of fully saturating the paper with oil, photograph it (I like the impressionistic look it gives the photo) and then add metallic paint to the creases. This page is from the Oct, 2017 issue of Southern Living Magazine. #100daysofcollagepapers

A farm in Weaverville, NC
Kneaded (Momigami)
Dry brushed with gold using a make-up wedge