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Revisiting the 100 Days

Revisiting the 100 Days

Here are photos of the experiments I conducted and the papers I created during The 100 Days Project. I concentrated on making collage papers.

Paints on tissue
Gold painted brown paper bag
Momigamied magazine page dry brushed with gold
Momigamied magazine page dry brushed with white metallic paint and iridescent glitter glue
Momigamied with gold
Tissue painted with gold mica from paintbrush water
Black card stock painted with gold mica paintbrush water
Wendy’s napkin, 2 ply, embossed under a heavy trunk
Gold painted wallpaper
Tissue stamped with Stazon ink
Shibori-style paper dyed with green ink
The previous paper unfolded
Faux handmade paper sprinkled with tea and statice clippings, secured with satin gel medium
The previous paper, covered with the stamped tissue, and sealed with more gel medium
A first geli print. See how the paint “bubbles” on a new geli plate?
Sometimes, brayer roll off sheets are worth keeping!
Embossed vellum painted pthalo blue on the back
Watercolor whorlies with white metallic swirlies


Another Friday Finish!

Another Friday Finish!
I finally finally finished my mixed media whitewater collage!

The image is a momigamied page from a local magazine, mounted on white metallic painted tissue, mounted on canvas board painted metallic blue.

Instead of using oil, as in traditional momigami, I dry brushed some of the white metallic paint and added tiny specks of iridescent white glitter glue.

I made the paddle with a piece of dowel and polymer clay. The wave at the bottom is made of silver tube beads laid end to end.

The hanging cord is a piece of salvaged ear wire. The paddle is secured with pieces of braided “mini rope.”

The whole piece is finished with 7coats of clear gloss spray. I also gave it a couple of shots of UV Preserve before adding the gloss spray.

I finished the back of my whitewater collage with a slightly trimmed 12×12” piece of blue ombre card stock, and clear glue.

It is signed and dated with my K♥️ signature under one loose corner of the momigamied image.

100 Days!

100 Days!

I am participating in the 100 days project on Facebook. During this project, you are challenged to focus on one aspect of your creativity every day for 100 days. I chose the creation of collage pages. This experiment is to see if I can copy and paste the Facebook posts to this blog. Here goes!

the100dayproject2022, Day1, I think my focus will be on paper manipulation. This page is based on momigami, a Japanese folding and oiling technique. I stop short of fully saturating the paper with oil, photograph it (I like the impressionistic look it gives the photo) and then add metallic paint to the creases. This page is from the Oct, 2017 issue of Southern Living Magazine. #100daysofcollagepapers

A farm in Weaverville, NC
Kneaded (Momigami)
Dry brushed with gold using a make-up wedge