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Raining Sunshine

Raining Sunshine

This is my entry for the Chip Challenge on the Beady Bunch page. The Beady Bunch is an online beading group I belong to. 

The chips are citrine, the pendant component is brass, and the chain and findings are gold-plated.

I’m getting lots of positive feedback from my beading buddies! Happy Dance!

I discovered a cover up!

I discovered a cover up!

This is possibly my favorite of all the things I make:

There is one little part I don’t like, though, the button shank: (It looks like a cat’s nipple.) 

Now, you could argue it’s on the inside of the locket and doesn’t matter, but I still don’t like it. (It looks like a cat’s nipple.)

I have some tiny brass stampings I could use to cover it, but they are all too flat. I needed something more dapt, or concave. 

Then it hit me, I could use a bead cap! Ta-da!

A little glue, and no more cat’s nipple. It’s a pasty. There might be one for sale on my shop page!Karla Krafts