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I have decided to give away a lot of my handmade jewelry. I’m giving this away, tonight. 

I have a shop page through facebook and Shopify. It’s also called “Karla Krafts.” It doesn’t get much traffic, and there have been order notification and payment processing problems, but I think, hope, that’s fixed. 



I changed the middle tassel on my gold pendant from mismatched chain to antique gold silk. I think I like it better.I swapped the bead above the center tassel, too.

Before: I also hung it from a gold-plated lantern chain.I might swap the chain for a heavier one, too. Then I’ll price it and list it in my shop.

Going for Gold

Going for Gold

When I spotted this swirling gold focal component in Candie Cooper’s Etsy shop, I knew it’d be great for capturing a Czech glass button.

I auditioned several and decided on this amber swirly one: 

The chain tassels, I had on hand. All are from Michael’s. The middle one had to be removed from a lip shell and is a slightly different shade of faux gold. I may swap it out for a gold silk one before I’m finished.

I am pleased with it, and especially with the back:

The Czech button had a metal shank. I snipped it away with shears and filed it with a diamond file.

I wasn’t particularly pleased with the looks of that, so I hunted one of my tiny brass hummingbird stampings:

A little E6000 and ta-da!

A heavy gold bail and chain, and I might consider this one finished!

The enamel on the hand pressed button, is 24K, by the way!