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In the Ashe County Courthouse…

In the Ashe County Courthouse…

I discovered this quilt:

It needed an identifying plaque, but I have no doubt it was done by the Ashe County Piecemaker’s Guild. 

The mountain scene in the middle reflects the view from the courthouse.

I had to get a close-up of the cows!Then, I found this print in the second floor lounge.

I got the artist’s name on this one:

I’ll have to see if I can find her online.

Bowl cozy #2

Bowl cozy #2

This one turned out a little better. 

My friend, Laura, and I used the cozy instructions from Craftsy. I rounded the corners on this one, but they didn’t come out very round. I also decided to skip the top stitching on this one. I glued the raw edges together and clamped them at the opening where I turned it.

We’ll see how well it holds up in the microwave and washer. 

The 10” fabric squares are from Craftsy, too.

Patterns in the Sand

Patterns in the Sand

I am NOT a morning person, but I try to be at the beach. I love to go walking barefoot in the surf in the morning before the sun gets out its frying rays. (I still slap some moisturizing sunscreen on this old face. I’ve had two Moh’s surgeries to remove basal cell carcinomas from my face. Ow.)

I take my phone (camera) and look for patterns in the sand. Quilting lines?

One morning, I went stalking these little clams: When the tide recedes, just for a second, the ripples left behind look like little v’s. They make me think of the “flying geese” quilting pattern, and there’s got to be an idea in there somewhere!I also have an idea for those little clusters of bubbles that float in the surf.Of course, there are treasures to be found.    Laura had bought some, “rusty bits,” mixed media embellishments when we were in Saluda, and I found her another:

I’m glad I found it with my eyes and not my feet!

And there’re always critters!This is a cannonball jelly. It’s more disgusting than inspiring, but it reminds me that I’ve got a jellyfish inspired art quilt to finish.