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Bowl cozy #2

Bowl cozy #2

This one turned out a little better. 

My friend, Laura, and I used the cozy instructions from Craftsy. I rounded the corners on this one, but they didn’t come out very round. I also decided to skip the top stitching on this one. I glued the raw edges together and clamped them at the opening where I turned it.

We’ll see how well it holds up in the microwave and washer. 

The 10” fabric squares are from Craftsy, too.

Red Button Bracelet

Red Button Bracelet

Here’s my craft experiment for today:

red button bracelet

Actually, it’s my experiment for yesterday, since it’s well past midnight!

I found these beads in an assortment I ordered from Amazon. I tied them together with 6-strand DMC embroidery floss, my favorite red, #321. I triple knotted them (overhand knots,) and trimmed the ends to fray like an old-fashioned quilt tack. The “tail” of one end, I tied back on itself. The other “tail,” I left long to form a loop. I didn’t want the 6 strands to separate when I used the loop as a fastener, so I braided them. Then, I triple knotted them around my thumb to make the loop (2 overhand knots and one slipknot.) I secured the knots on both ends with a drop of clear nail polish. I am debating if I should dab each of the button knots.

Anyway, I am pretty pleased with it. It sure looks like me since I am crazy about strawberries and red gingham! red gingham