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A Recent Play Date

A Recent Play Date

Laura and I got together a couple of weeks ago for one of our play dates. We made jewelry and did a little sewing. We had a great visit with Libby at Sew Blessed Quilt Shop. We ate lots of great food. The best thing was probably a strawberry margarita cupcake!

The top two are Laura’s. The bottom one is mine.

Laura tried a bigger soup cozy. It’s 12”x12.” It turned out great!

‘Wish I’d taken a picture of that cupcake! Wish I had another one!

Bowl cozy #2

Bowl cozy #2

This one turned out a little better. 

My friend, Laura, and I used the cozy instructions from Craftsy. I rounded the corners on this one, but they didn’t come out very round. I also decided to skip the top stitching on this one. I glued the raw edges together and clamped them at the opening where I turned it.

We’ll see how well it holds up in the microwave and washer. 

The 10” fabric squares are from Craftsy, too.

If anybody asks,

If anybody asks,

Yes, I have lost my mind. That navy t-shirt Allen is wearing is one of the hardest things I have sewn in years.

I got this crazy idea. 

When I wear out sweats and tee’s, and they’re too far gone to donate, I recycle them into dust cloths. Small bits and pieces get tossed, so why not make doll clothes from them?

I recently ordered this collection of Barbie and Ken doll clothes patterns.

They are from The Classic Archives on eBay. I printed the pattern for the simplest male t-shirt I could find on the disc. 

I pinned it to the hem of one leg of my old beloved navy knit pants.

My sewing pins we’re at Mama’s, but I found some T pins at home.

After I cut it out, I took the shirt pieces to Mama’s and attempted to sew them on my machine. The seam allowances were so small, the feed dogs just chewed the soft jersey knit. The bobbin wadded and knotted three times. I re-threaded at least four. If I try another shirt, I’ll sew it by hand.