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Boho Bangle

Boho Bangle

I finally made one! Remember the video I shared on Feb. 4? Here’s my first attempt:

The quilts I use as slipcovers in Mama’s living room came tied in a long bias strip of fabric. I used it to wrap the wire base of this bangle. 

The video called for Aileen’s Tacky Glue, but mine was so old, it had dried to a solid bottle of rubber. I used Modpodge for Fabric and did not like the way it felt when dry. I wrapped the wire a second time and just used the Modpodge on the underside of the fabric. Much better!

A little bird kept it all in place while it dried!

The fabric strip was colorful, but flat, and dull. I added a very shiny, bright purple ribbon with a metallic edge. 

After I wrapped that around and secured it, I followed with a variety of tiny coordinated beads strung on 26 gauge copper wire. I swirled the ends and used those swirls to attach it to itself. Finished fun!

Dyeing in the Basement

Dyeing in the Basement

This is my first experiment in over dyeing white on white fabric.

I saw Joanne Sharpe demonstrate the technique on episode 1813 of Quilting Arts. She used dye paints and water-soluble crayons. I’ve  been dyeing satin cords for Kumihimo, so I used some leftover Rit dyes from that.  I gathered up newspaper and whatever clean paint brushes I could find. I did mix up a fresh little batch of Petal Pink and started with that and a broad sponge brush. I started painting circles on my prewashed, printed cotton fat quarter of fabric. I decided the pink was so pale, I’d just paint the whole piece. Ricë Freeman Zachery always gets fantastic results combining hot pinks and bright orange, so I popped a container of leftover Tangarine dye in the microwave. I loosened the lid and heated it on high until it started to bubble, about 4 minutes. I used a 1 inch trim brush and added alternating dabs of the dye. I had mixed some red-violet #532 dye using Judy Coates Perez’s formula:

1 cup boiling water, 1 tsp Purple, 1/2 tsp Wine Rit liquid dye. I add 1/4 cup of vinegar to the dye bath.

Judy’s formulas can be found at The RIT Studio.

I heated and added diagonal dabs of red-violet using a different kind of trim brush.Next, I heated and and added Fuchsia to the remaining light spaces. This time, I used another 1 inch trim brush.  I gave it another all over coat of Petal Pink. The fabric was drenched in dye at this point and smelled like a pickle factory! I flipped it over to see how the back looked and realized it was the front!Afraid that the dye hadn’t saturated the front of the fabric, I wadded it up in a ball, wrapped it in plastic wrap, and squished it around to ditribute the dye. I popped it in the microwave and gave it 5 minutes on high.When the fabric was cool enough to handle, I carefully removed the plastic wrap and spread it out. This is it, and I’ll have to say I’m pretty proud!When it dries, I plan to iron it, rinse it, and iron it again to further heat set the dye. How I’ll use it, I do not know, but I sure like looking at it! I am a happy crafter!