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Boho Bangle

Boho Bangle

I finally made one! Remember the video I shared on Feb. 4? Here’s my first attempt:

The quilts I use as slipcovers in Mama’s living room came tied in a long bias strip of fabric. I used it to wrap the wire base of this bangle. 

The video called for Aileen’s Tacky Glue, but mine was so old, it had dried to a solid bottle of rubber. I used Modpodge for Fabric and did not like the way it felt when dry. I wrapped the wire a second time and just used the Modpodge on the underside of the fabric. Much better!

A little bird kept it all in place while it dried!

The fabric strip was colorful, but flat, and dull. I added a very shiny, bright purple ribbon with a metallic edge. 

After I wrapped that around and secured it, I followed with a variety of tiny coordinated beads strung on 26 gauge copper wire. I swirled the ends and used those swirls to attach it to itself. Finished fun!