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So much inspiration…

So much inspiration…
So much inspiration…

and what a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! I am enjoying visiting Erin Prais-Hintz’s blog hop! There is so much beautiful work out there! I gave up on leaving comments on each one (they’re  just 80 participants!) but I’ll be back!

I realize I didn’t give Brandi Hussey her props Friday for putting together all 40 (40!) of the palettes for the hop. They are gorgeous and represent more hours of work than I care to think about!

Erin is putting up a special Pinterest board that has all the palettes. I’ll link to it so you can enjoy Brandi’s work as well as the work of  hop participants! I want to find them, too. I might challenge myself again!

I’ve repeatedly posted the palette I chose, but here are a few others I especially like:

I don’t think I’ve mentioned lately that these are Landsat satellite photos from the USGS via NASA! ‘Warms an old science teacher’s heart!

This is our “pet” Virginia Creeper we let climb the side of the house every summer. You can see why!

I love the colors of the hydrangeas this time of year. There is a potter in Boone who uses glazes in these colors. Someday, I’m going to buy a lamp base from him and decorate a bedroom in these colors. I’ll make a quilt, too. Someday, I’m going to be smart and harvest these before the frost gets them and hang them up to dry. Ahh, someday….