So much inspiration…

So much inspiration…
So much inspiration…

and what a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! I am enjoying visiting Erin Prais-Hintz’s blog hop! There is so much beautiful work out there! I gave up on leaving comments on each one (they’re  just 80 participants!) but I’ll be back!

I realize I didn’t give Brandi Hussey her props Friday for putting together all 40 (40!) of the palettes for the hop. They are gorgeous and represent more hours of work than I care to think about!

Erin is putting up a special Pinterest board that has all the palettes. I’ll link to it so you can enjoy Brandi’s work as well as the work of  hop participants! I want to find them, too. I might challenge myself again!

I’ve repeatedly posted the palette I chose, but here are a few others I especially like:

I don’t think I’ve mentioned lately that these are Landsat satellite photos from the USGS via NASA! ‘Warms an old science teacher’s heart!

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  1. A link to the Pinterest board would be great, Karla… I seldom go as I’m worried about how much time I’d waste LOL. I spent two days and only got to 60 of the blogs; hopefully I’ll get to the last 20 this week. This has been one of my favorite blog hops!

  2. I do have a link to the Pinterest board. I wonder if it’s not showing up. Try clicking on the words, “Pinterest board” and let me know what happens, please!