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Red and Gold Paperback Cover

Red and Gold Paperback Cover
Red and Gold Paperback Cover

Finished at last! My sore throat doesn’t want to let me sleep, so I might as well sit up and stitch!

What I learned during this project:
1.) Dupioni takes a beating and pills under alot of hand work.
2.) I need something (like the Tiger Tape I bought) to keep my stitches even (though the perfectly spaced stitches I’ve been admiring online actually don’t look “done by hand.”)
3.) My beadwork is too tight, so the beads shift and become uneven. I also need to remember to stitch through them twice to reinforce them.
4.) Metallic printed quilting cotton looks good, but doesn’t have a lot of body, so it wrinkles easily. I don’t dare take a regular iron to it, maybe my Clover mini iron.
5.) This silkie was a good choice. The colors are fairly deep. I increased the saturation and chose “best” for the printing. (The girl is also holding a bird, and as crazy as it sounds, birds have come to me for help on several occasions, no joke.)
6.) Velvet was a good choice for the part covering the binding. It feels good in my hand while I’m reading.
7.) Take out basting stitches before stitching up the bottom opening.
8.) The pattern I drafted fit!

A Red and Gold Audition

A Red and Gold Audition
A Red and Gold Audition

I’d like to make a book cover for a paperback novel. I drafted my pattern and put out these fabrics and trims to choose from.

Then, I removed the trims and any fabrics that didn’t seem to fit. (The gold paisley fabric at the bottom is from Evening Star Designs)

Next, I added back the trims that matched best. A search for charms and bobbles and I’m ready to cut and sew!