Tutorial: Saving an Applique

Tutorial: Saving an Applique
Tutorial: Saving an Applique

I’ve been, “shopping my closet,” as they say, and I really like this t-shirt. It’s very soft and I have lots of red and navy to wear with it. It’s also very thin and see-through. I have to wear a camisole under it, and that defeats the purpose of light and soft. I decided to see if I could cut out the applique and attach it to another shirt.

I decided to add some iron-on stabilizer to the back before cutting it out.

I chose Sulky Tender Touch, not because I wanted it soft, but because I wanted it flexible.

Tender Touch is very hard to tell which side is the fusible one, so I used my new see-through, Teflon sheet as a pressing cloth, just in case I goofed.

I used a polyester setting with no steam on my iron and gave it a press. (about 20 seconds)

It worked!

I cut it out and turned it over!


I also saved the neckband for the piping. I may use that to “frame” the applique when I attach it to another tee:

And the t-shirt leftovers made me a nice new pile of polishing cloths for my soap!

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