Painted Cushions

Painted Cushions
Painted Cushions
I paid a lot for these terribly faded cushions, so I couldn’t bring myself to toss them. I had bought a couple of bandanas to sew together for a cover, but wasn’t crazy about that idea.
Then I thought, “fabric paint!” and wished somebody made spray fabric paint. I found this at Walmart (I love that Rice Freeman-Zachery calls it the Dreaded Walmart!)  It came in a pack of three colors (black and gold, too) and was $14.97. Not cheap, but I have a use for the black, and maybe the gold, too.
I sprayed and used a foam brush to even it out.
Not a bad “before and after,” huh?
I got on the company’s website to see if they sold bottles of single colors and they DO! Check them out at
AND!!!, the paint is made in America!!!!

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