Goodies in the Mail!

Goodies in the Mail!
Goodies in the Mail!

I love to order stuff online. When my package comes, it’s just like Christmas. I have called my UPS man Santa. These patterns are a recent purchase from Paradise Publications:

Here, of course, is the crocheted jewelry pattern I had to have>

Then, I had to have one of their gorgeous crocheted doll costume patterns:

I don’t collect dolls, and I don’t have a granddaughter, so I may never make this, but I chose the simplest pattern I saw:

This is the “1904 St.Louis World’s Fair Frock” pattern. It’s made mostly of ribbon. Maybe, someday!

And the dear hearts at Paradise Publications tossed this pattern in for free, as a thank you:

I’m not the bejeweled camisole type normally, but you never know! Excuse me while I laugh my head off! Maybe Mama would like one!

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