Evolution of the Pocketbook!

Evolution of the Pocketbook!
Evolution of the Pocketbook!

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted this bag for sale in a major department store. It was love at first sight! Sadly, the price tag said $59.95. “I can crochet,” I thought, just like I do everytime I spot one of these bags that I love. “Yeah, but when? And what year would I finish it? It’s worth the money not to have to fool with it.” I can put up a good argument with myself when I want to. Then, upon closer inspection, I saw that the flowers were just pins. “I could make these,” I thought. “Better yet, I think I saw gerbera daisies at Michaels with clip-on-backs!” I took a look at the plain bags. ‘Not a bad price, but still more than I wanted to spend. The budget is tight these days. I headed home and pulled up eBay… where I found this:$15.00 with shipping. I placed my bid and won! When it arrived I saw that it was nice and plain on one side, with this zipper pouch on the back:I was also extremely pleased to see that the lining of this bag was much, much sturdier than the thin nylon lining of the new bags!

Night before last, I found this beauty at Michael’s for $1.99:

The clip on the back was perfect to slip between the threads on the bag:

I attached it to the upper left corner so when I put it on my right shoulder, my arm doesn’t obscure the flower:

Am I pleased with the result? You bet!

The total price: $17.16!

The best part: I bought some other embellishments that I’ll show later. I can quickly change my pocketbook to match my outfit!

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