Craft Book Junkie!

Craft Book Junkie!
Craft Book Junkie!

That’s me! Because my shelves are full, I’ve been making use of the Charlotte library’s collection. Here’s a recent one I checked out, Pipsqueak Knits by Jil Eaton. It’s full of adorable and fairly easy patterns. I’ve had this wonderful yarn stashed away for years:

Here’s what I hope to make from it:

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  1. Ahhh, so cute! Are you on Ravelry yet Karla? If so, check out my Ravelry library – – I’ve got all kinds of baby knit pattern books (and pdf files) and am happy to loan out. My ID is blueridgeknit.

    A friend just put a Debbie Bliss book into my hands today saying she wasn’t going to use it.

  2. Thanks Dana! I’m thinking about knitting my grandson a pair of pants from a Debbie Bliss book.
    I’m so glad you mentioned ravelry. I got accepted a couple of years back, then a family crisis consumed me and I never followed up–‘gotta look into that again! Karla