Pocketbook Posies!

Pocketbook Posies!
Pocketbook Posies!

I didn’t like the alligator clips that came on some of the flowers from Michaels, (pictured at 3:00, below,) they stuck out from the surface of the bag, snagged on things, and you could see them from the side. They were easy enough to pop off, though. I repaced them with “Gimme Gators” from Create for Less. I removed the calyx, and snipped off part of the stem, leaving enough to hold the petals together:

I used Loctite gel super glue because it would bond to metal and fabric. It would also sit “atop” the petals instead of being absorbed by them.

I made sure there was glue next to the stem piece and on the gator clip. I thought that would insure that the petals stayed together. I found out later that I was wrong, and now I put a couple of dabs of glue between each layer of petals, as well.

I also tried attaching a quilting safety pin. That worked well, but it took a long time to dry. The turquoise flower is harder to remove from the purse than the ones with gators.

All in all, I am pretty pleased with my results. I’m already getting compliments!

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