An attempt to focus on and finish things

An attempt to focus on and finish things
An attempt to focus on and finish things

I created this database to help me keep track of all my UFO’s (unfinished objects!):

I saved the database as a template and tried to change it to a pdf with no luck at all. It was not among my list of supportable files. If anyone knows how, please let me know. I tried to post it here to share, but that didn’t work either.

It’s easy to copy the fields, though. Most are self-explanatory, but ECD stands for Expected Completion Date. (I wish I could remember whose blog I got that idea from so I could give them credit.) Anyway, that helps me set a goal for finishing. It’s alright if I don’t make it. The craft police don’t come after me, and I don’t beat myself up. It’s my database, and I just go in and move the date up.

Somethings I may never finish. My grandson, PJ, is walking now, so felt baby shoes are ridiculous for him and maybe a little dangerous. I had an idea to stitch the brown ones I started for him so they’d look like little footballs. I might do that as an experiment, and if they turn out okay, give them away. I started to say I planned on deleting that record, but I think I just changed my mind!

I made myself a couple of rules: No more than 12 active projects at a time. I can start a new one when I finish one. (There’s my motivation!) When I have 24 records, then I delete the 12 I’ve finished and start again. I need to be sure and congratulate myself for completing 12 things, maybe with a trip to Michael’s, or even better, Beadlush! I’ll have to blog about that little shop later.

So, I’m off to see if I can email my database template (since I can’t post or pdf it!) Later.

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