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Proud Grandma! 

Proud Grandma! 

On a recent visit to see my grandchildren, I took along some wire, cutters and pliers. Peter James, age nearly nine, made me this “fringe” necklace.

I explained the basic technique, and away he went!

He engineered the closure, too.

The fringe sort of forms a heart!

(The sticker is a reward from my granddaughter for completing a fairy puzzle while she was teaching. I was Pre-K Karla!!)



I think I’m on to something adding tassels to my Asian inspired necklaces!

I found little brass blanks I can use to add a pendant loop to the back of my bamboo edged pendant frames:

A little E6000 and a little dry time:

A tassel and a jump ring and I’m in business!

The black tassel is by Bead Landing via Michael’s. The gold one is from a supplier I found on eBay. I will have to favorite them, because it is beautiful and was nicely packaged.

The black and gold necklace is in my shop. So is the blue, but I’ll need to update it! (Since I just did!)

Finished, I Think…

Finished, I Think…

This is what I did with the charms from Vintaj via Candie Cooper. I worried about how soft the wire is I used to wrap the glass leaves, so I hammered a piece. 

I decided against hammering the 26 gauge copper and finished the necklace with faux leather cord and antique copper findings.

I made earrings, too!

My favorite so far…

My favorite so far…

is this design from the Quilt Square Girls in West Jefferson, NC. It seems like every time I turn one of their barn quilts into a necklace, that one becomes my favorite!I don’t know the name of this pattern, but it’s very folksy, and I love it!

I’m also pleased with the tiny antique button clasp I found to finish it.

This style is different than the images under glass that I made originally. These are more of a laminated lucite. They are harder to produce, but they look more like miniature barn quilts to me.

I Sold a Necklace!!!

I Sold a Necklace!!!

Kumi with mookaite

and the person who bought it actually came to pick it up and paid me!!! (I have three pieces that are waiting for their future owners!)

This is Mookaite from Australia, just like the burgundy piece I have for sale at the Wildflowers Shop in Elkin. Mookaite can be burgundy, pink, rust, gold, white or a combination of any or all of those colors! This piece is mainly rust and gold, so I wove a Kumihimo braid of rust and gold satin cord. I’d hoped to finish it in the fall, but had to find just the right antique copper findings!

Kumi closure

Celebrating For Cynthia!

Celebrating For Cynthia!

IMG_2182When I posted this necklace on Facebook, an old college buddy identified it as, “For Cynthia,” what her brother-in-law thought it was called. I’m still smiling. Of course I had to ask my daughter’s mother-in-law, (I call her my sister-in-law. We share grandchildren, after-all!) Cynthia, what she thought. She said that’s what she thought it was called when she was a little girl, and it still made her smile!

Good old forsythia, or “yellow bells” as it’s called here in Western NC, is one of my favorite harbingers of spring!IMG_2154

Inspiration was two-fold. The flower was first, of course,  and the second was a cherry blossom kit I’d purchased form Elizabeth Girod at Fire and Fibers: http://fireandfibers.com/item_2578/Cherry-Blossom-Necklace-Kit–Pink-Flowers-Tree-Branch-Spring-Antique-Brass-Picasso-Czech-Glass.htm

When I saw Elizabeth at the Intergalactic Bead Show in Charlotte a week ago, I bought one of her branches and told her about my idea. I had tiny yellow flower beads I had purchased several years ago from Bead Lush, a shop also in Charlotte, NC. The green leaf beads I found at Joann’s recently. I used 26 gauge brass wire to secure the beads to the stem.

Even though, I’m not a “yellow girl,” I think I have to keep this one for myself!IMG_2174

When I wear it, I can celebrate, “For Cynthia!”