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A Wreath of Cranberries

A Wreath of Cranberries

I wanted a red bracelet, and couldn’t decide which of two designs to try, so I tried them both. I’ve posted the first. Here’s the second: 

I wasn’t finished, but when the sun hit it this afternoon, I had to take its picture! Several times! 

I bought a kit of Softflex beading wire from Jewelry Television, and it included garnet-colored, medium diameter wire. I bought the assortment of wire because it included silver and gold-plated. I wound up intrigued with the garnet. 

I used the wire as a “carry-a-long” in the first red bracelet I made.

In this one, it’s the “main frame.”

I used three strands, an assortment of translucent beads, and gold colored findings, including a magnetic clasp.

I have enough materials to make another one, and I may write a little tutorial so I can remember how I made it. I think it’s very photogenic!

I like it so much, I’m wearing it, right now, with my pajamas!

A Recent Play Date

A Recent Play Date

Laura and I got together a couple of weeks ago for one of our play dates. We made jewelry and did a little sewing. We had a great visit with Libby at Sew Blessed Quilt Shop. We ate lots of great food. The best thing was probably a strawberry margarita cupcake!

The top two are Laura’s. The bottom one is mine.

Laura tried a bigger soup cozy. It’s 12”x12.” It turned out great!

‘Wish I’d taken a picture of that cupcake! Wish I had another one!

The Quilt Square Girls

The Quilt Square Girls

I am making jewelry exclusively for the Quilt Square Girls in West Jefferson, NC!

The quilt Square Girls, Syndi (above) and Renee, specialize in Barn Quilts, and they have made over 1000! Laura and I wandered into their shop one day, and Syndi spotted one of my necklaces that Laura was wearing. “Can you make those for us,” she asked? I could, and I did!

The lavender one sold the first day! I am having the best time making these!