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Well, Hello!

Well, Hello!

It has been almost one year since I have posted. It was a most depressing year with a quarantine, political unrest, remote learning, vaccine development, and mask wearing.

You’d think with all that home time, I’d have done a lot of crafting. Not so. Moving to our second home in Charlotte, homeschooling, and clearing out Mama’s house have been my main occupations.

I went a year without seeing my friend, Laura. Now, we’re able to visit, and we are still planning to work a craft show.

Envelopes from magazine pages

My current project is making gift envelopes from magazine and catalog pages. Laura and I will use these to package jewelry that we sell at said craft show.

This one is from a quilt catalog

This is my favorite video on making envelopes:

This one is from the same quilting catalog

I’m enjoying this quite a bit!

Ironing Paper Bags?

Ironing Paper Bags?

That’s right. Today, on my birthday, I am ironing paper grocery bags!

I think I got this idea from the old HGTV show, “Room by Room.” (with Matt and Shari, you can still find them on You Tube.)I am making photo dummies in different sizes. 

I have a photo canvas being created right now that will be 16×20″. In the meantime, I can carry my paper dummy with me to see where it fits best.

I like it flanked on one side with a couple of 8×8’s.