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Well, Hello!

Well, Hello!

It has been almost one year since I have posted. It was a most depressing year with a quarantine, political unrest, remote learning, vaccine development, and mask wearing.

You’d think with all that home time, I’d have done a lot of crafting. Not so. Moving to our second home in Charlotte, homeschooling, and clearing out Mama’s house have been my main occupations.

I went a year without seeing my friend, Laura. Now, we’re able to visit, and we are still planning to work a craft show.

Envelopes from magazine pages

My current project is making gift envelopes from magazine and catalog pages. Laura and I will use these to package jewelry that we sell at said craft show.

This one is from a quilt catalog

This is my favorite video on making envelopes:

This one is from the same quilting catalog

I’m enjoying this quite a bit!

Ironing Paper Bags?

Ironing Paper Bags?

That’s right. Today, on my birthday, I am ironing paper grocery bags!

I think I got this idea from the old HGTV show, “Room by Room.” (with Matt and Shari, you can still find them on You Tube.)I am making photo dummies in different sizes. 

I have a photo canvas being created right now that will be 16×20″. In the meantime, I can carry my paper dummy with me to see where it fits best.

I like it flanked on one side with a couple of 8×8’s.

Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights

Today, I’m making fairy lights for Vivien’s recently remodeled room at home.

I am using a string of white bridal lights, all-purpose white glue, and pieces of glittered, pink organza ribbon, cut on the diagonal, and tied in knots on each bulb.

So far…

So far…

The virus has not passed. It’s in our area in leaps and bounds. Our county recently ranked #9 of the 10 top hot spots in the country. The primary reason for the increase in Corona viruses in our area is the Tyson chicken processing plant. Workers there stand shoulder to shoulder and have to yell at each other across the processing line to be heard over the machinery.

Some of the workers are bused in from an area where the virus counts were high, and the virus rode the bus in with them. 

Another reason is many of the local folks think this whole pandemic is a hoax, perpetuated by the Democratic Party to undermine the Republican President. Many of the locals refuse to conform to government guidelines to stop the pandemic, especially the wearing of face masks.  

This is simply all I care to report on our current situation. Me and mine remain under quarantine, ordering groceries online and picking them up outside the store. My next post will be about what I’ve been making. 

Crafting in the Age of Coronovirus

Crafting in the Age of Coronovirus

This is a terrible time in the history of the world. We are currently in the  middle of a pandemic due to the world-wide spread of the Corona virus, also known as Covid-19.

In NC, we are under orders to stay at home. The exceptions are essential workers and essential services. These folks are daily puting their lives at risk because Covid-19 is a killer. 

Prior to this outbreak, I felt like I had found something I really liked to make, embossed and stamped polymer clay heart pendants. I made a bunch. These are examples:

My friend, Laura, and I had also decided to try working a craft show. We put together a display using things I had on hand. We also chose objects that we could carry!The virus has caused all festivals and shows to be cancelled. More, later.