Pinterest just got Better!

Pinterest just got Better!

How I love it! They have a new little “pinning” gadget, tonight. I like it. Here’s something I pinned:

tiny flower embroidery

No, excuse me, I love the new gidget. When you choose a pin, you are presented with a text box that includes a flashing cursor, and a scroll list with the 3 boards you used last, followed by a list of the rest of your boards. The good part is you can start typing the name of the board you choose and it pops up, without having to scroll through the whole list! This is something I had suggested to them in a post a long time ago. They tried something similar for a while and then took it away. I assumed people didn’t like it. Either that, or you could pin so fast it crashed their server! I’m so glad it’s back! I love Pinterest, but do not enjoy scrolling through all 79 of my boards when I choose something to pin! Hurray!

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