Mama’s House

Mama’s House

This is my mama’s house, and now it’s mine. I’m fixing it up a little before I move in my craft stuff. The exterior trim is being painted, and I’ve ordered hardwood flooring for the living and dining rooms. There’s a new garage door being manufactured for the basement, with two rows of windows to let light in what I hope will be my glass studio. I have plans for the upstairs,too. The living/dining room will be a library with space for small classes. The den, with it’s warm paneling and big brick fireplace is where I hope to host get-togethers I’ll call, “Knit-a-Spell.” The kitchen will make a great soap station, but I may leave some cooking equipment, too. I’ll need to serve refreshments, and we might need to try some Pinterest recipes! I’d love to learn cake decorating, myself. So much to learn, so much to do!
A friend asked me earlier tonight how I was feeling. I replied, “Sad and happy.” You can see why.

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