A new desk for my craft space

A new desk for my craft space
A new desk for my craft space

I ordered this from the Container Store. There’s one in Charlotte, but I didn’t want to load it, lug it 90 miles, and unload it. I had it shipped. I did have to maneuver the top up the attic stairs to the bonus room. I was really proud of myself until I opened the carton and found damage. My stairs are thickly carpeted so I think this happened during shipping. It wasn’t too bad, and I surely wasn’t going to wrestle it back downstairs. Gravity would’ve helped, but still… I sealed it with some white glue the best I could and left it to dry.

I decided to tackle assembly on Friday. The online video was very helpful.

The first two legs were a piece of cake.

The second set was a drawer frame. It was a little bit harder, but I got to pound it together with a rubber mallet. This would’ve been a great afterschool activity when I was teaching!

I had to wait till yesterday for Kent to help me set it upright. It’s very heavy.

Ta Da! The stained glass was a gift I bought myself as an act of faith during a recent health scare. I have a weird tumor in the marrow of my right thigh. It’s benign (PTL!) so sure enough, I’ll get to enjoy looking at my little stained glass window a while longer!

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