In the Ashe County Courthouse…

In the Ashe County Courthouse…

I discovered this quilt:

It needed an identifying plaque, but I have no doubt it was done by the Ashe County Piecemaker’s Guild. 

The mountain scene in the middle reflects the view from the courthouse.

I had to get a close-up of the cows!Then, I found this print in the second floor lounge.

I got the artist’s name on this one:

I’ll have to see if I can find her online.

New Gemstone Beads! 

New Gemstone Beads! 

These are from Emerald Hollow Mine in Hiddenite, NC. The rubies are more raspberry red than this photo shows, but still very lucious! The rose quartz have microfacets that make them look like they glow. The sodalite cubes are more royal blue than this shows, too.I am very pleased with this purchase! These labradorite beads are from JTV. I am pleased with them, too!

Another Great Get Together! 

Another Great Get Together! 
Another Great Get Together! 

On Friday, April 12, her birthday, Laura and I took an enameling class at the River Arts District in Asheville, NC.This is Laura’s:This is mine:

When the class was over, we wandered through that part of the district (it’s a big place!) and then drove to Fresh West, a wood-fired pizza place.

 These colorful shops were more studios.I wish I’d gotten a photo of their oven. It was a huge black mound encrusted with glass and tile mosaics. I’ll have to go back. This has nothing to do with it!
On Saturday, we left out early to visit the Blue Ridge Polymer Clay Guild in Arden, NC, not far from Asheville. 

A Great Girlfriend’s Weekend!

A Great Girlfriend’s Weekend!

Laura Sheaffer and I have some good girlfriend’s get togethers, and this one was no exception. We know how to party, and by party, I mean feast, craft and laugh!

We ate at our favorite restaurant from college, twice, and found a new cupcakery! We worked and played in polymer clay, we took a quilling class from my sister-in-law, Pam McLean, and made new friends!

Oops, I almost forgot, we shopped!

I didn’t like the first set of mirror images so I sliced one again and made another bead that I sliced into two beads.

The other half I played with, rolling and cutting cabochons and different sized beads.

The last one, lower center, got smushed and rolled too many times. It started to get “muddy.”

Laura’s Natasha bead looked like a wolf!

That was Friday. On Saturday, we traveled to nearby Elkin to take my sister-in-law’s quilling class. This is my multi-talented sister-in-law, Pamela McLean. You should hear her sing!

Laura made a new friend, Babette.

Did I mention, we shopped? Michael’s had their green label beads 70% off, and I couldn’t resist, as usual. That makes them ~ $1.80/strand.Those big wooden beads will hopefully be bases for polymer clay “veneers!”

I also bought some cookie cutters and a fondant mold to use with my clay!